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puts her health first

“It is very nice that in the Netherlands it is so easy to take part in the population screening and it is very good that you are made aware of the screening by being sent an invitation. Health is important to keep a close eye on. This will not only make you feel good, but you can prevent bad diseases by catching them early. When I received the letter inviting me to take part in the population screening, my IUD also needed replacing. So I asked the doctor if she could do the smear at the same time. Thankfully she could. That was super nice, because it saves time AND a not very pleasant procedure. In my group of friends, there are quite a few girls who had abnormal cells that they had to have removed. As friends, we are very open about those things. We are also getting on a bit, which means that health issues come up more often. We also keep each other on our toes, especially when the call came to do the screening. Many people don’t go to the doctor, and especially with the population screening, I can imagine that everyday life sort of makes you forget something like this. Because why would if you feel right? Take my advice: put your health first – better safe than sorry.”