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had abnormal cells

‘I have now taken part twice. My mother had uterine cancer, so it was not a question for me whether to take part or not. I am very happy that we have that opportunity. I don’t really like the examination, but it’s not so unpleasant that I don’t want to do it. When I was allowed to take part in the population screening for the second time, I was in the middle of a fertility process. I really wanted a baby. Just a few days after the smear test, the doctor’s assistant called me. I remember exactly where I was driving. She told me that abnormal cells had been found. Nothing to worry about, but I was referred to the gynaecologist just to be sure. A biopsy was taken from my cervix at the hospital. It showed abnormal cells, but my body should be able to clear those on its own. After a year, I had to come back for a check-up. That was a tense year I can tell you. You just have to wait and see. Fortunately, it did not affect my fertility process. I became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. A few weeks after giving birth I had the check-up which revealed that my body had cleared the virus and the abnormal cells. I have since become a mother of a second child. Especially with my desire to have children, I realised that a bad cervical cancer screening result can have so much impact on your life, womanhood and future outlook. I think it is wonderful that we can get ourselves checked.’