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Branda chose
a smear test

‘I did not know much about population screening except that my mother sometimes gets herself checked in ‘the breast bus’. When I received my first invitation to the cervical cancer population screening, I went to my GP for a smear test. I thought that was not too bad. The GP did the swab. I feel comfortable with her, so that’s nice. She sees so many women, in all shapes and sizes, so I know that as a GP she is not surprised by anything. Now I am 35 and I took the self-test. What a godsend! I have a busy home and scheduling the test at home is obviously much easier than making a GP appointment. Using the self-sampling device is very easy. It really can’t go wrong. You have done it in no time. For me, taking part in cervical cancer population screening makes as much sense as going to the dentist twice a year.’